Learning Geometry Online Is Fun

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What is geometry?

Geometry is basically the study of shapes and properties of the shapes. According to me if you enjoy drawing or playing with objects then geometry is just perfect for you.

Geometry is divided into;

 Plane geometry – It deals with flat shapes like circles, triangles and lines which can be drawn on flat surfaces.

 Solid geometry – This deals with 3D objects like spheres, cubes, cylinders and prisms.
The different topics associated with geometry are angles, areas of basic shapes, geometric proofs, polygons, parallelograms etc.

Advantages of taking geometry help online

Trust me if you are in search of online geometry tutorial then there are many such sites which will easily guide you in this aspect. There are several benefits of taking online geometry help few of which are;

 You can connect with the tutor of your choice any time in 24 hours from the comfort of your home.

 You will get access to the best audio and video tools to solve any problems regarding geometry.

 You can use it free of cost for initial few hours and then avail the membership at a very reasonable cost.
According to me these online geometry help tutorials are excellent and you can count on them whenever required.


Geometry Help: Assisting Students Excel in Geometry

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As a teacher, I know the importance of geometry in a person’s life. It helps someone to think out of the box, assists in special reasoning and strengthens problem-solving skills. But, I found out that one of my students lagged behind everyone else in the class in the subject. For me, someone who loves geometry, this appeared to be a bit disappointing, a question on my performance. I decided to take up the issue with her parents and do a thorough research on the topic. Given below are the insights I gained when surfing the Internet for information on the topic.

Why Geometry is tough for some?

Studies show that all are not mathematics learners. Among them, a majority faces a tough time handling geometry. This happens because geometry is quite different from algebra. In geometry, a student is required to visualize objects which are abstract. For this reason, those who are not visual learners may find it hard to digest. Lack of focus on proofs in algebraic courses too can be attributed to this difficulty.


This does not mean that there is no solution for the trouble. Discuss the situation with your child’s math instructor and try the following.
• Combine algebraic and geometry courses: Research shows that combining algebra and geometry would be of great help to those students struggling in the subject. Do a research on the Internet and explore geometry help websites to get more insights in the matter.
• Hire a tutor: This may be the easiest option available rather than modifying the curriculum for a single student. A tutor would be able to understand a student’s weaknesses and adopt a strategy in accordance with that.
I recommended a tutor for my student. And, her performance has improved a lot!

If things are done in the right matter, your child may even be interested in going for principles of accounts tuition from a renowned institution.


Importance of learning geometry

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Geometry, the first subject

I am well aware of the importance of geometry in one’s life because I am a geometry teacher. But not just as a teacher but also as a parent I would suggest that it is a very important subject. In fact you will be amazed to know that geometry is one of the first subjects that your child learns when he begins his formal education. It is the basic of cognitive learning and understanding, the shapes. As your little one goes to a play school or kindergarten he or she learns to identify the various shapes like circle, square, cone, triangle, cylinder etc. That’s the first geometry help that he gets. With this you can understand that geometry is a subject that is extremely crucial in developing the concept of our surrounding.

Important to a child

There is a reason why geometry is among the first subjects that a child learns. It helps in developing the basic concept of shape, size, position and distance. The word geometry could simply be described as the measurement of earth. With this the child gradually develops the concept of the space where he lives. As a teacher of geometry I could say that it is also one of the most interesting subjects, but that could come across as a biased opinion.

However, as someone who knows the importance of geometry I could tell you that it is so important for a child because it helps him in developing general motor skills. Geometry help a child in developing spatial thinking. The space where he lives, how to move about it, what is the right speed of walking and even how to take his breathes are influenced by this subject. Therefore it is introduced so early in formal education. Without the basic concept of geometry a child cannot develop proper living and learning skills.

Important to student

Ever since I was a student and even now I feel amazed at how essential a subject geometry is. When I was in school I used to identify the importance and presence of geometry in all the other subjects. Be it geography, physics or math a basic knowledge of geometry is essential. Since I have picked a career with this subject you can understand that I completely love it.

As a kid taking private tuitions in geometry from tuition agency singapore increased my knowledge and understanding of the subject. If you feel that your child has a knack for geometry or he is weak in the subject then you must get him additional help. Here are a few ways in which the private tuitions helped me.

Improved geometry grade – surely taking private lessons in geometry improved my grade in the subject
Improved total math grades – since geometry is a part of arithmetic in school it added to the overall score
Improved grades of other subjects – I was amazed to find out how geometry helped me in securing better grades in other subjects like geography and physics. Until then I had no idea that it is related to these subjects as well
Improved concentration – taking geometry lessons improved my overall concentration.
Improved my handwriting – you will be astonished to know that these lessons helped in improving my handwriting! Using the geometry tools gave me a steadier hand grip that improved my writing.

Important in career

Geometry is a very crucial subject which plays a vital role in many career choices. Some people feel that it is a subject that you pursue only to become a geometry help. But that is a wrong concept because these are some of the professions which will require a sound knowledge of geometry.

And of course, a Geometry Teacher


Help your child choose the right career

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There are only two people in this world who knows me better than I know myself. That’s my parents. When I was about to begin college and choose a career that I wanted to build for myself the first people I consulted were them. Ever since I was a child I was keen in math, especially geometry. That’s why I aspired to be a geometry help and teach it in one of the best private school in singapore. When I discussed my plan with my parents they completely supported me. They thought teaching was a noble profession and agreed that my skills were high in geometry. Getting their approval was the first support that I got from them. After that my parents did everything in their capacity and beyond to help me achieve my dream.

Finding the best college

Once it was finalized that I will pursue geometry help started to come from all directions. We are a huge family spread all over the country. Therefore all our extended family and relatives helped me in finding the best college. Of course it was my parents who had asked all of them to help me find a college.

At home dad and I would spend hours researching on the laptop after he came back from work. We looked up all the options of getting admitted to the best college and university, expenses and career prospects.

Discussing the money

I have always believed in discussing the matters of money clearly. It helps me to weigh my options and then plan accordingly. I am glad that my parents discussed the financial situation with me and told me how much they could support me with, which was by the way a lot. I appreciate that my dad was thinking ahead and planned his finances so well.

In spite of the help that I got from my parents I chose to take a loan and pay it back after I got a job. At first my parents opposed but later they agreed to my choice.

Help in getting educational loan

My dad helped me to get the educational loan as well. In fact he was the guarantor because of which I got the loan quickly.

Today when I am a qualified geometry help and respected high school teacher I have two people to thank the most, my parents. They have been a constant support who helped me choose the right career and gave all the avenues to reach there.